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Social Bullets is a program developed by Stand for the Silent (SFTS), an anti-bullying organization founded in 2010 under the leadership of Kirk and Laura Smalley.  The organization was founded in memory of their son, Ty, who died at age 11 by suicide, after a school suspension that arose from retaliating against a student who had bullied him.  SFTS’s mission is to increase awareness of bullying and the devastating consequences it imposes on today’s youth.  In recognizing the rising prevalence and dangers of cyberbullying, SFTS expanded its reach to develop the Social Bullets Program as a means to educate, intervene and prevent.  The  Social Bullets website, the Social Bullets video and the Cyberbullying Survival Guide are resources for use by parents, youth, other adults who are in the roles of safeguarding youth, and youths themselves.  We invite you to view and read through the material we have made available with the aim of leaving you feeling more understood and more prepared to address the cyberbullying experiences facing you.


The Social Bullets video you are about to see is based on data gathered to replicate a twenty four hour period on social media, as experienced by youth living in the United States.  The video features original written messages, actual numbers, types of cyberbullying with descriptions and comments by actual cyberbullying survivors.  After the video is viewed by adults and youth, our hope is that it can be used in conjunction additional resources found on this website to promote with a series of discussions that culminate in beneficial action.


The Social Bullets posters represent the four most common forms (Culture Shaming, Body Shaming, Sex Shaming, Grade Shaming) of cyberbullying as seen through the visions of the individual artists who created them. They were chosen from among hundreds of submissions. Each depicts a graphic representation of the cruel injuries inflicted on youth who are cyberbullied. The images chosen portray the harmful effects that cyberbullying imposes on the body, mind and spirit of the recipients:

  • The pervasive wounding of self-esteem
  • The overwhelming intensity of shame, humiliation, worthlessness and despair
  • The compelling isolation and withdrawal

A brief summary describing the specific type of cyberbullying accompanies each poster. By raising awareness of the forms cyberbullying takes and its harsh consequences, the objective is for parents and youth to recognize that:

  • Cyberbullying is an act of violence, not the fault of the survivor.
  • No one deserves to endure the abuse cyberbullying unleashes.
  • Immediate intervention is crucial to stop cyberbullying, heal wounds, and prevent future occurrences.


The Cyberbullying Survival Guide offers a comprehensive handbook to assist parents and other concerned adults with using the Social Bullets video to initiate and then follow through with the necessary steps to directly intervene with and contribute to preventing cyberbullying.  It includes key signals to recognize, ways to use the video, guidelines for in depth discussions,  action suggestions for beyond the home, and additional resources to gain further information.

Downloading the Guide: A PDF version The Cyberbullying Survival Guide can be downloaded and saved to your computer or printed by clicking on the Guide tab on the upper right hand corner of the website’s home page.  Information requested is being collected to keep you informed of new materials and to track geographic areas expressing interest in the Social Bullets Program.  Please don’t forget to share the website link, with others who may be interested.



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